Hannah Davis Jeter Poses In SI Swimsuit Issue With A Surprise

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Hannah Davis Jeter looks steamy in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In fact, she looks steamy in just about everything she does. The 26-year-old recently showed off in a series of bikini photos while enjoying the sun in Mexico but there was more going on than any of us could have known.

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From the outside, the model, who is married to baseball legend Derek Jeter, looked like her regular self but the truth was that she was carrying a miraculous secret – she’s pregnant with her first child!

While she would have been just as beautiful flaunting a baby bump, there were no signs that her body was going through such a huge change. Instead, she was rocking different styles of teeny bikinis and posing seductively. Some women say that being pregnant makes them feel sexy so maybe she was harnessing the power of those hormones!

Anyone who saw those snaps would have been shocked by her announcement a day before Valentine’s Day. In a cute post on The Players’ Tribune, the couple shared their happy news along with an image of Jeter holding bunch of pink balloons. It must be a girl!

The pair were married less than a year ago in July 2016 after three years of dating. She has been vocal about how much they have valued their ability to keep some aspects of their relationship private. It must be a challenge when you’re both in the spotlight but it seems like it’s paying off for them.

Still, while they might be happy with the success they’ve had in their lives, Hannah has made it clear that if their little grows up to want a career in baseball, they will have to talk it over. I guess she’s seen some sides of the sports industry that has made her hesitant to support it.

Either way, she looks beautiful and, hopefully, will have a wonderful and easy pregnancy and birth!

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