Hunter McGrady Lets It All Hang Out For Sports Illustrated

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Welcome to the top, Hunter McGrady.

Every year the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is released and every year people are excited to see which beautiful bodies made the cut. You won’t be shocked to hear that Kate Upton is on the cover for the fourth time. It also won’t be a big surprise that the photoshoots mostly took place on the beach.

What might make some do a double-take is the inclusion of Hunter McGrady. Not only is she new to the Swimsuit Edition but she’s also packing a fuller figure that many of the other featured models.

(Hit the right arrow to see 15 of her pics…)

Other publications have started including plus-sized women in their photoshoots too but, often, they are put in the background or their bodies are covered in some way. For 2017, Sports Illustrated chose to go in the exact opposite direction and showcased McGrady’s body in the ultimate way: naked with body paint!

That’s right. Not even fabric separates us from McGrady’s curves. Apparently, it took an incredible 12 hours to apply the rainbow-colored bikini makeup.

She is definitely a beautiful woman. To see ALL of her, start scrolling!

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