Vitto Saravia Accidentally Showed Too Much When She Grabbed Her Necklace

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Sometimes, mistakes can turn out better than anyone could have ever anticipated. A stunning Argentinian television host identified as Vitto Saravia accidentally gave her lucky viewers a sneak peek when she pulled back her top to show off her necklace – and instead flashed an uncensored nip slip to the live television audience.

Vitto, a popular model and TV personality, was asked by her co-hosts to describe her outfit so that she could plug the designers. She decided to start with her chunky silver-and-gold necklace that draped all the way down to her chest.

As the camera settled on a tight shot of Saravia, the brunette beauty wanted to make sure that viewers at home were able to see every detail of the impressive piece. She pulled back her low-cut top, only to realize far too late – or too early, depending on whom you’re asking – that she was also giving viewers an in-depth look at her nipple, too.

When her co-hosts informed her about the slip, Saravia took it in stride, covering her mouth as she laughed off the accidental striptease. “Can you show us the necklace again?” joked host Coco Sily. Sadly, Saravia did not oblige.

Plenty of commenters out there have called the young model’s bluff, claiming that she only exposed herself to get attention on social media.

“Not complaining but when will these women learn to wear a bra?” one person suggested, while another opined, “Accidental? She knew what she was doing.”

“Animales Sueltos,” or “Loose Animals,” is a late-night show known for being provocative in more ways than one, so it’s possible that Vitto Saravia saw it as the perfect platform to drive some traffic toward her racy Instagram account. Either way, who cares?

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