Couple Busted Using Drone To Record Naughty Footage Of Neighbors

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It used to be that perverts had to climb a conveniently-placed tree or hide in the bushes to carry out their Peeping Tom fantasies, but it now appears that technology and creepiness go hand in hand. A Utah woman with six kids identified as Terisha Lee Norviel has been charged along with her boyfriend Aaron Foote for using a drone to obtain sneaky footage of strangers’ bedrooms and bathrooms.

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The 39-year-old boyfriend and his 34-year-old girlfriend are facing one misdemeanor voyeurism charge each after it was discovered that they were using a $1,200 DJI Phantom 4 drone to take pictures and stream videos of unaware victims.

Police wised up to the bizarre scheme when a witness phoned in to report a bizarre sight: a quadcopter drone loitering outside of his bathroom window. He followed the drone to a church parking lot, whereupon he managed to seize it and investigate.

The witness allegedly discovered “multiple videos recording individuals inside their residences through windows.” Foote and Norviel took full advantage of their drone’s flight capabilities, as “some of the recordings were multiple stories high in apartment complexes,” an Orem Police Department search warrant revealed.

Police were able to bust Foote after they realized that he had accidentally snapped numerous photos of himself and his pickup truck. Investigators used CSI-style tactics to identify the vehicle, which in turn led them to its registered owner.

As it turns out, Foote already had a lengthy rap sheet prior to getting busted for drone debauchery. In addition to convictions for domestic violence, burglary, and theft, Foote was arrested and convicted for a 2008 voyeurism incident at a Utah tanning salon.

No word has surfaced as to how Norviel, who is a licensed real estate agent, was involved in the lascivious scheme nor why she was arrested. Public bankruptcy court records indicate that she was in the middle of divorce proceedings with the father of her six children when she and her new beau were playing spy games.

Norviel and Foote will attend preliminary hearings in the coming weeks. Until then, keep your curtains closed, people of Utah.

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