Whoops! Mariah Carey’s Goods Pop Out At Lakers Game

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Mariah Carey and her new boyfriend Bryan Tanaka had courtside seats at the LA Lakers game but it was her Ta-knockers that were on display. See what I did there?

We all know how much Mimi enjoys wearing the skimpiest outfits even though most of them are completely unflattering. This time, her dainty lace vest almost left her completely unsupported too. Photos show that you can see a definite nipple slip.

(Scroll through this gallery to see all 9 pics of Mariah Carey and her nipslip…)

She didn’t seem too bothered, though (does anything really bother this diva?). Instead, she just seemed super focused on canoodling with her date. The pair have been tight since Mariah split from her fiancé James Packer a few months ago and the whole thing has been unfolding on her E! series Mariah’s World.

So far, the couple have been spotted going on sushi dates, holding hands, and she even shared a picture of them together in a hot tub on Valentine’s Day. It gave her 5.3 million Instagram followers a small glimpse of how they celebrated the special occasion.

Still, even in the hot tub she was more covered (she was wearing a bathing suit) than she is sometimes when she leaves the house. The whole outfit at the Lakers game was cringeworthy. Skin-tight black pants with lace up the sides, a sheer low-cut shirt under a leather jacket, and a pair of crazy high heels. Can she really claim to be comfortable in this stuff?

Well, I guess no one else’s opinion matters but hers so, as long as she’s happy, more power to her. As for Tanaka, he doesn’t seem to be complaining about her wardrobe choices but he’s also not complaining about being wined and dined either.

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