Woman’s Uncensored Video Lands Her In Court

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A racy Facebook Live stream featuring a scantily-clad model dancing around her bedroom in her underwear suddenly turned provocative when the hot brunette suddenly started taking off what little clothes she was wearing.

Ponpan Mayple Promdum, 26, of Thailand had taken a promotion gig for a betting website, a common and surprisingly lucrative gig for aspiring Thai models who are not afraid to show a little skin.

However, Promdum attracted law enforcement’s attention when she decided to test the limits of Facebook’s community standards. In front of an audience of 150,000 viewers of all ages, the cute brunette decided that her silver lingerie needed to go in order to give viewers the ultimate uncensored experience.

The unexpected striptease proved incredibly popular among viewers, especially since Promdum – who performs under the stage name Mayple Pink Pink – has already achieved “net idol” status in her country and was well-known even before her daring stunt.

(Click the right arrow to see more pics of her — we’ve also included the video in question at the end of the gallery!)

Not everyone was pleased by Promdum’s Facebook Live presence, though. Some party pooper tipped off the authorities, who found the up-and-coming model guilty of violating Thailand’s Computer Crime Act by uploading her own adult content.

During a Wednesday court appearance, Promdum humbly accepted her punishment – a whopping $14 fine – for distributing and profiting from indecent material.

Considering that Thai models working for similar promotional gigs can earn upwards of $6,000 each day if they’re lucky and popular enough, it likely won’t be long until Mayple Pink Pink is back at it. She already turned a profit for the dance in question, as the betting site paid her just under $90 for a 30-minute dance.

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