California Gov. Jerry Brown Bashes Trump, Then Asks for Federal Aid

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The governor of California has become a laughingstock on social media after he was forced to beg the Trump administration for federal aid money to address the Oroville Dam crisis just weeks after he flaunted his refusal to adhere to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, sent a letter to the president on Monday asking for federal assistance in order to address the potential failure of an Oroville Dam spillway in Northern California.

“Brown has criticized Trump on many of his initiatives, but at a news conference Monday he lauded the president’s plan to invest $1 trillion on infrastructure,” the Associated Press reported. “The governor says California and Washington will work ‘in a constructive way’ to repair failing infrastructure in the state.”

What a convenient time to bend the knee!

Although Brown has already faced withering criticism within his own state and party for claiming that he was unaware of a 2005 report raising the alarm about the dam’s emergency spillway, the latest groveling display has proven especially ironic in light of the defiant attitude he adopted during his annual State of the State address.

“In California, immigrants are in integral part of who we are and what we’ve become. … California has enacted several protective measures for the undocumented: the Trust act, lawful driver’s licenses, basic employment rights, and non-discriminatory access to higher education,” he bragged.

“We may be called upon to defend those laws and defend them we will,” Brown said. “And let me be clear: we will defend everybody – every man, woman and child – who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state.”

The shift in tone from liberal firebrand to destitute panhandler has been met with an appropriate amount of ridicule from Trump-supporting Twitter users.

“Governor Jerry Brown begs Donald Trump for emergency aid for California. I thought Trump was #notyourpresident?” one person observed.

“What? Moonbat governor #JerryBrown crying about the need for fed dollars after defying Trump on #SanctuaryCities,” another chimed in.

While Brown has not actually suggested that Trump is not “his” president, he has previously promised to aggressively fight the Trump administration on matters related to immigration and climate change.

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