Nigerian Migrant Arrested for Stabbing Female ‘Refugee Helper’ to Death

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Chalk up another tragedy directly caused by the migrant crisis in Europe: a 22-year-old asylum home employee in Germany was gruesomely stabbed to death by a 27-year-old Nigerian refugee who then fled the country, only to be apprehended earlier this week in Switzerland.

According to local reports, the unidentified killer mutilated his victim, whose name has been listed as Soopika P., by stabbing her multiple times in the head, neck, and upper body. By the time emergency responders arrived at the scene, there was no hope of reviving her.

Friends of Soopika claimed that she joined the asylum home as a refugee aid worker since her own family came to Germany from India and she spoke very good English. Investigators believe that she was murdered because she rebuffed her killer’s sexual advances and was not interested in carrying on any form of relationship with him.

After authorities issued a Europe-wide arrest warrant, the culprit was apprehended at a train station in Bern. According to chief prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt, Germany has filed a formal extradition request and will delay questioning the suspect until he is in the state’s custody.

Soopika becomes the latest in a horrifyingly long list of female asylum home workers who were savagely murdered by migrants or refugees. In October 2016, 19-year-old medical student and asylum aid volunteer Maria Ladenburger was raped and killed by a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who snatched her off her bicycle as she made her way home.

Still, German officials have been hesitant to crack down on refugee crime due to fears that an increased police presence in migrant communities would hamper integration efforts.

An emergent political correctness culture throughout Germany has also had a chilling effect on speaking out against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pro-migrant policies. Ladenburger’s father, a prominent EU official, solicited donations for a number of charities benefiting asylum seekers at her funeral.

Meanwhile, other countries throughout Europe have also reported grisly murders of female aid workers: in Sweden, a Somali migrant fatally stabbed an employee at a home for underage migrants, while in Austria, a Gambian migrant strangled an American au pair who was helping him to avoid deportation by letting him into her apartment.

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