Model Guilty Of Stalking MasterChef Judge

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This is one of those tricky cases when it’s hard to know exactly how you feel because the world has changed so much. One thing that has stayed the same, though, is that many women don’t take being brushed off very easily.

Daphney Sanasie is a model and student from South Africa who, at one time, was smitten with MasterChef judge Dylan McGrath. She’s not just some overzealous fan of the show, though. The pair actually went on a couple dates in early 2015.

(Hit the right arrow to see more pics of Daphney Sanasie! Be warned that she does enjoy to get semi naked at times…)

Apparently, he decided against pursuing the relationship and Sanasie chose to annoy and harass him through texts and phone calls. The 26-year-old claims that she thought she was being funny but it’s clear that the 39-year-old culinary artist had a different perspective.

Sanasie pleaded guilty to harassing McGrath from and could have faced 12 months in jail were it not for Judge Michael Walsh. After poring over the messages, he did not feel that the interactions were worthy of any criminal conviction but he did impose an indefinite ban on her ability to ever contact the chef again directly or indirectly.

To be clear, she cannot go to his place of residence (which is a given) but she also can’t frequent any restaurants or places of business with which he is associated.

At the same time, the judge said that McGrath had sent mixed messages to Sanasie by saying things like “What’s wrong darling? I’m having dinner at a conference in Spain” and “I love that coat from your photo.”

That must have given Sanasie some validation because, while she was completely inappropriate in some ways (apparently, she sent 45 messages in one day!), she also took complete ownership of her actions, pleaded guilty, and never denied that any of this took place.

She also confessed that some of these things took place while she was under the influence of alcohol.

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