This Woman Wants To Be More Than Just A Director’s Girlfriend

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Gorgeous brunette CJ Franco might have first made headlines thanks to scandalous other-woman rumors surrounding her relationship with director Len Wiseman, but if her latest photoshoot is any indication, she’s about to turn plenty of heads all on her own.

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(See the 21 pics of CJ Franco by hitting the right arrow. Be warned that she is nearly naked in many of the images!)

Franco, 25, has been dating Wiseman, 43, ever since the Underworld director separated from actress Kate Beckinsale. The couple was married in 2004 but separated in 2015, citing irreconcilable differences resulting from their busy works schedules.

When Wiseman and Beckinsale decided to finalize the divorce last year, everything was actually pretty civil for a celebrity breakup. There were no outrageous demands for spousal support (see Brendan Fraser), it wasn’t a tabloid attention grab (insert Kardashian here), and no dirty rumors surfaced (well, that’s just Hollywood in general).

The only source of gossip was Franco, who naturally got the rumor mill started because of her eye-popping looks and her relative youth. There’s no way Wiseman could have ditched the lovely Beckinsale for a younger woman… right?

Speculation began to mount that Wiseman and Franco were an item before he had even officially separated from Beckinsale, as the pair had been spotted partying together several different times within just a few weeks.

Although Franco has just under 30,000 followers on Instagram and has had some bit roles on a few television shows here and there, everybody basically still knows her as Wiseman’s new girl. She’s hoping to make her own mark on Hollywood… but she doesn’t seem to mind taking advantage of the perks of dating a successful director.

Franco’s social media accounts show the voluptuous vixen jetting around the world and enjoying some of LA’s more exclusive nightlife offerings in between her outrageously sizzling photoshoots. She clearly has a preference and talent for swimsuit and lingerie modeling – and you won’t catch anyone complaining.

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