Living That High Life: Introducing The World’s Hottest Pilot

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There was a time when being a commercial airline pilot was considered one of the most glamorous jobs a man could get. Think of how iconic Pan Am was. It was like being a celebrity. You’d see this pilot walking through the terminal surrounded by beautiful flight attendants (or stewardesses, as they were called in those days) and you could see the envy on every other man’s face.

Things have changed considerably over the years. The aviation industry has gone through some tough times and they’ve cut paychecks as a result. Still, there are some other benefits and, at least, one pilot wants you to remember how lucky pilots are.

Eser Aksan Erdogan has a healthy following on Instagram. Why? She’s beautiful, she travels to incredible places, and… she’s a pilot!

Gone are the days when it was reasonable to assume that it was a man controlling the cockpit. Today, Erdogan is encouraging more females to follow her adventurous and, often, glamorous path.

Along with her husband, Volkan, who also happens to be a pilot, the Dutch-born beauty flies around the Middle East and Europe for Pegasus Airlines. While the 31-year-old calls Turkey home, the pair spend a lot of time kicking back in breathtaking locales such as Costa Rica or a blue lagoon in Malta.

While the pay and prestige may have suffered a bit in the male-dominated profession, Erdogan insists that the other perks are worth it. “You can see all kinds of beautiful things up there, like at night at 41,000ft when there is no moon you can see the Milky Way sometimes,” she said. “In Scandinavia you can see the Aurora Borealis in winter time and when passing near clouds with static energy there is a phenomenon called St. Elmo’s fire on your windscreen which is almost hypnotising.”

Don’t get too hypnotized there, Erdogan. Keep that focus on steering the plane, okay?

Before becoming a pilot, Erdogan was a polo player but she’s not looking back. Instead, she seems really happy to be a trailblazer. In fact, despite the fact that Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow women to drive, Erdogan has landed a plane in that country, supported by an all-female crew. Wow!

It takes a lot of hard work, including shifts that can last up to 16 hours, but you can’t argue with how cool it is that Erdogan has travelled to more than 50 countries. One weird thing, though, is that she says she often wakes up in a hotel room and has no idea where she is but… that can happen from a good bender in Vegas, as well!

Here are some sexy pics of Eser Aksan Erdogan — hit the right arrow in order to view them all!

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