“Don’t Touch Me!” Tempers Flare After Kayleigh McEnany Touches Charles Blow

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Things got incredibly heated on the set of CNN last night. During a panel discussion, Trump-supporting conservative Kayleigh McEnany took a few moments to thank everyone for including her, despite the fact that they often disagree with her positions.

She then turned to New York Times writer Charles Blow and touched him arm while denouncing the fact that some people don’t seem to want to be fair and work together.

After using the term “sinister motivations,” things went completely off the rails because Blow became very offended.

He said: “Don’t touch me and say that’s your ‘sinister motivations.’ That’s not going to happen tonight.”

In response, McEnany said that she didn’t realize that she shouldn’t have such close contact with him and offered to scoot away. In retort, he said “You can scoot until you fall off that ledge. What I’m telling you is don’t touch me and while you’re saying I’m sinister.”

McEnany went on to say that she feels that, regardless of political affiliation, we are “all Americans” and should be committed to supporting our president and “hugging it out” after disagreements.

That only made things worse since Blow replied: “You are about to turn it from a civil conversation into me telling you — that is a very personal attack to say I don’t believe I’m an American. Don’t do that.”

Returning to Blow’s previous request, McEnany mentioned that she was apparently “not allowed” to touch Blow and, rather than back down, the writer repeatedly said, “No, you’re not,” while shooing her away.

When she said that the whole thing was “sad,” Blow summarized the situation by saying, “It’s sad because you want it to be sad.”

Who needs Jerry Springer anymore? If you want drama, tune into any news network these days. You won’t be disappointed.

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