Canadian Distrust Of Government Hits Two-Decade High

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While America’s northern neighbor always seems to sail through life without any particularly noteworthy scandals, the questionable leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to have rocked the Canadian boat so substantially that a record number of Canucks no longer trust their own government.

The segment of the international Edelman Trust Barometer targeting Canada determined that a whopping 80 percent of Canadians feel that “the elites who run our institutions are out of touch with regular people.”

A similarly surprising 57 percent of Canadian respondents answered that they did not trust their government, a figure that marks the first time in nearly two decades that a majority of Canadians did not express faith in their political institutions.

As for the 43 percent of Canadians who decided that they do, in fact, trust their government, a stunning 61 percent agreed with the statement: “I do not have confidence that our current leaders will be able to successfully address our country’s challenges.”

Much of the distrust emanating from Canadian citizens seems to stem from a slew of ethical conflicts connected to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has been blamed for appropriating public funds to bankroll a leisurely lifestyle on the taxpayers’ dime.

On one front, Trudeau has found himself scrambling to explain whether wealthy benefactors have made donations to his ostensibly-charitable Trudeau Foundation in an effort to curry favor with the prime minister, a situation that resembles former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play allegations with the Clinton Foundation.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has also been asked to address what has been termed as “Khangate,” or the prime minister’s New Year’s visit to billionaire Aga Khan’s private residence that was found to have violated ethics rules established by both his office and his political party. Despite the clear breach of the status quo, Trudeau has maintained that his administration does not “see an issue with this.”

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