Exclusive Interview With Daniel Peterson of VRPorn.com

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The adult industry is always quick to capitalize on technology, from webcams to HD video to, more recently, virtual reality. VR takes the traditional experience of watching porn to a whole different dimension.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with VRPorn.com founder and CEO Daniel Peterson about adult content and virtual reality.

VR Porn
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EveryJoe: Tell us a little about yourself. What prompted you to start up VRPorn.com?

Daniel Peterson: I’ve always loved VR but I thought virtual reality was just science fiction. Then in 2013, I tried an early Oculus prototype and I saw that VR was coming, big time. It was still rough technology, but I believed that it would continue to improve exponentially. Virtual reality was now hitched up to Moore’s law.

It was a new tech mega trend like smartphones and the internet. And it was a secret that almost nobody else knew. As Peter Thiel talks about, fortunes are built on secrets.

So what was I going to do with this knowledge? It was obvious to me, and it soon became obvious to everyone else, that VR porn was going to be a huge thing. There would be millions of people searching for VR porn every month, and this number would always be growing. That’s when I bought VRPorn.com.

EJ: We read at Christmas time that VRPorn.com saw a huge increase in traffic as more people bought/received VR headsets. Has that traffic been sustained (or even increased) since the holiday season ended?

Daniel: Yeah that was really exciting. It was like a tsunami came in; we got lots of press coverage. Besides the spike, our baseline traffic significantly increased and it’s been going up ever since. Traffic is higher now than it’s ever been.

EJ: Who are the people who are flocking to VR porn?

Daniel: VR porn is going mainstream, it’s not really a niche, it’s a new medium. It’s like going from magazines to videos. It’s still pretty new tech, so it’s largely early adopters getting into it now. But it’s always getting better and more accessible. Virtual reality now is kind of like where the internet was in the 90s, and we know how that turned out.

EJ: For someone who is new to VR porn (or virtual reality in general), explain what they need to get started and what they should expect from the experience.

Daniel: The easiest way to virtual reality is through your smartphone. You can buy a smartphone VR headset for $20-$100 and you’re good to go. Our site has VR video streaming, so you don’t even have to download anything. Just press play and it works.

What to expect is a good question. I think the best approach is to understand that it’s early technology — it’s like playing with a 16-bit Super Nintendo. But with that in mind, it can be mind-blowing, especially some of the higher end stuff like content made by Oculus. And it’s just getting better and better exponentially.

EJ: What sets the content on VRPorn.com apart from other adult virtual reality sites?

Daniel: We have more adult VR content than any other site, and we’re always adding new stuff. Various studios and creators contact us daily to get on the site. We support all VR creators and our huge traffic gives anybody who posts on our site great exposure. Besides this, we​’ve been in the VR community for years and we​ know where to find all ​XXX VR to keep the site updated with everything in one place. We are very user focused.

EJ: The adult industry is often a frontrunner when it comes to new technology. What’s next in VR porn?

Daniel: Virtual reality has nowhere to go but up. The technology will continue to improve exponentially. At some point, I believe, non-VR porn will seem outdated, kind of like porn magazines of yesteryear.

​Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus​, said that VR is the last platform because it can simulate any other platform. I agree. What does that mean for adult content?

​Just think about it, virtual reality porn can do anything that normal porn can do, plus an infinite amount more. You like watching videos on a tube site? OK, you can do that in VR, but instead of your boring room, you’ll be in your virtual private home theater with bikini babes surrounding you. You like actually being with your favorite pornstar? VR can do that, nothing else can. The possibilities are unlimited.

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