Two Satanic Illegal Immigrants Sacrifice Woman To Appease Demon

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A pair of illegal immigrants from El Salvador have been accused of committing a slew of unspeakable crimes in Houston as part of a gang initiation ritual – and, prosecutors claim, to appease some sort of darker power.

18-year-old Diego Alexander Hernandez-Rivera and 22-year-old Miguel Angel Alvarez-Flores, both allegedly members of the violent MS-13 gang, each face charges of rape, murder, and kidnapping in relation to the brutal abduction of a 14-year-old girl and the murder of another young woman. They are currently being held on a $300,000 bond.

Authorities say that the teenage girl met up with a handful of gang members at the beginning of February and was held captive for over two weeks. She told investigators that the gang members answered to a man nicknamed “Diabolical.”

At the ringleader’s command, the young girl was passed around gang members at different apartments, where she was viciously raped and kept in an intoxicated state with drugs and alcohol at all times. She was also forcibly held down while Flores tattooed a grotesque figure of the Grim Reaper that spanned from her knee all the way to her foot.

The escaped victim claims that at one point, another female captive destroyed an MS-13 shrine to a satanic saint. She claims that Diabolical grew enraged and offered a cigarette to the saint, but later claimed that only a human soul could make the sinister demon happy.

Prosecutors believe that this incident is what led to the slaying of the murder victim, who was driven to a remove part of southwest Houston and shot once in the head and chest by both
Diabolical and another gang member. She was found dead on February 16 and has still not been identified.

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