British University BANS Words Deemed “Sexist” — Like “Mankind”

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Soon, students at Cardiff Metropolitan University might find themselves on the hall monitor’s bad side for saying phrases that have been codified by school administrators as inherently sexist – sayings like “right-hand man,” “gentleman’s agreement,” “forefathers,” and “mankind.”

In all, 34 phrases were listed in the school’s revised code of practice, which calls on students to not let their “cultural background” fool them into uttering such reprehensible statements. Administrators claim that this will help students to “embrace cultural diversity”… somehow.

Both students and staff are subject to the new rules, which could result in disciplinary action if a member of the university were to use these words in any context. While social justice types on campus have celebrated the decision (while calling Donald Trump a “fascist” and self-flagellating for being anything other than a gay trans person of color), some sanity has also emerged.

According to Dr. Joanna Williams, who works as a lecturer at the University of Kent and advocates for academic freedom, the ban is “unnecessary” and ridiculous.

“The idea that in a university people need to be dictated to in this way is really insulting to students and academics,” she said. “We should be able to cope with words. These words have evolved over a long period of time and they don’t have sexist associations.”

Cardiff Metropolitan University appears to have taken particular issue with the word “man” being used as a gender-neutral term, but someone within their linguistics department should hopefully understand that “man” was used in Old English the same way that we use “person” or “someone” today.

Also on the chopping block: the words “homosexual” and “heterosexual,” because they are supposedly “laden with the values of a previous time.” You can’t make this stuff up.

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