Mark Levin Makes Airtight Case That Obama Wiretapped President Trump

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If you had any doubts that former President Barack Obama was spying on then-candidate Donald Trump during the general election, just watch Mark Levin’s explosive appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Levin opened. “This is not about President Trump’s tweet; this is about the Obama administration’s spying. And the question isn’t whether it spied… the question is who did they spy on, the extent of the spying – that is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates – and I want to walk you through this, the American people.”

The first “exhibit” was a Heat Street story that revealed the FBI seeking and being granted Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) powers in October to surveil “U.S. persons in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia,” Levin said.
The FBI’s first request was turned down, the story noted, and the second was only granted when it was narrowed to focus on a Trump campaign-related server with alleged ties to Russia.

The next piece of incriminating evidence Levin pulled from The Guardian, which also reported that the Obama administration was actively investigating the Trump campaign during the general election to determine whether there was a Russian connection.

Levin went on to read from a story by McClatchy, which he jokingly referred to as a right-wing outlet, that reported that five separate Obama administration agencies – including the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA — had carried out a similar months-long investigation.

When the host attempted to interject, Levin swatted him away: “Hold on, hold on, hold on! I’m not done, I need to make the case,” he said emphatically. “Because the media seems to be confused about their own reporting!”

An increasingly impassioned Levin went on to unleash a series of truth bombs that came directly from The New York Times, reading snippets from stories that deal with the Obama administration’s eleventh-hour expansion of the intelligence community’s powers and its last-ditch efforts to undermine the incoming president.

Watch the full Obama takedown below:

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