NH State Legislature Rejects Pro-Transgender “Bathroom Bill”

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In another milestone decision regarding the war on bathrooms, New Hampshire’s state legislature has stricken down a bill that would have added “gender identity” to the list of protected classes of individuals, which would have essentially allowed residents to shift their gender at will regardless of their biological sex.

The decision came after weeks of intense controversy and protests: while proponents claimed that the bill would provide crucial protections to the trans community, critics noted that it would allow males to gain access to women-only spaces like bathrooms, changing rooms, and shelters by simply “identifying” as a woman.

Ultimately, lawmakers voted 187-179 to reject H.B. 478, with several of them coming forward to celebrate that the will of the people was upheld.

“The number of people who have written stating that this bill essentially offers their children up to sexual predators is out running by five to one the number of emails” backing the bill, noted state Rep. Jess Edwards (R).

State Rep. Victoria Sullivan (R) echoed Edwards’ sentiments and pointed out that “federal and state law currently protect against discrimination,” citing cases of transgender discrimination that were filed in the state of New Hampshire between 2010 and 2016.

“In the live free or die state, we should not be creating categories and subcategories of protected classes,” she told Breitbart News. “Each time that we do we inevitably leave someone out. Every individual should be treated with respect and without discrimination.”

In May 2016, the Obama administration determined that Title IX also protects the right of transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities. However, the Trump administration overturned the ruling in February, with White House press secretary Sean Spicer claiming that President Trump would rather let states decide on the matter.

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