Former Virginia Mayor Pleads Guilty To Meth-For-Sex Scheme

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The ex-mayor of a wealthy Virginia city may soon face a lengthy prison sentence and hefty fine after he pleaded guilty to a felony drug distribution charge, one related to an August arrest for trying to give meth undercover officers in exchange for group sex.

51-year-old Richard “Scott” Silverthorne was the mayor of Fairfax back on August 4 when police encountered him on a men-for-men hookup website. Silverthorne hit it off with an undercover officer and took the conversation to text messages, where he offered to supply methamphetamine so long as he could partake in “a gang bang.”

Detectives set up a sting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where they gave Silverthorne $200 for the illicit drugs. He spent $140 to purchase meth from a contact within the hotel, only to be arrested in the parking lot when he returned to seal the deal.

Now, Silverthorne faces a maximum 40 years in prison and a $500,000 fine for the lascivious activities and will remain in custody until his June 9 sentencing. The judge’s decision to hold Silverthorne came as a surprise to his defense attorney, who noted that the ex-mayor had no prior record of drug charges and was released before his plea hearing.

Mary Silverthorne, the perp’s sister-in-law, accused authorities of punishing her brother-in-law more harshly because he was a public figure when he committed the crimes. She claims he wouldn’t even be facing jail if he were a private citizen.

Since Virginia has voluntary sentencing guidelines in place, it is possible that the judge may let Silverthorne off with just probation after considering his lack of criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the particular case.

“When the judge sees what kind of person he really is, there’s a good possibility that she will sentence him within the guidelines,” Silverthorne’s attorney, Brian Drummond, said.

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