Brainwashed: These Students Hate DeVos But They Can’t Explain Why

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In case you’re not convinced that college in America has become an indoctrination daycare for our increasingly blinkered youth, just watch this video, courtesy of Hypeline News. Watch these youngsters uniformly attack Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – without knowing anything about her other than what Facebook and Twitter told them to believe. It’s actually kind of scary.

“You know, sometimes when I’m going to bed, I’m like, ‘You know what, I wonder what Betsy DeVos is up to. Probably destroying the education system of America, I think that’s what’s going on,’” one pink-haired student helpfully contributes.

“Umm, she’s a horrible candidate. I don’t know why she got elected, and she just has no idea what education is. She probably needs one,” opines another college student when asked about DeVos, who was selected by President Trump and was absolutely not “elected” to her post. Oh, the irony.

One after the other, the interviewees passionately regurgitate talking points about DeVos that the appear to have absorbed from social media without actually doing any research into DeVos’s background.

That fact becomes painfully clear later in the video, when the students jump on board with the idea of school choice and vouchers – but then suddenly turn against it when they learn that DeVos supports such a plan.

“She definitely needs to do more than just having, like, ‘words,’” a bespectacled girl says, tossing in some finger quotes for clarification. “She needs to definitely, like, back it up with, like, different things.”

“Like maybe found a couple of non-profit organizations that promote it?” interviewer Derek Muncy interjects. When the girl flippantly asks him to “name a few,” Muncy serves up a name, much to her chagrin.

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