Google Rolls Out A New Set Of Censorship Tools

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What is it with liberals and their unquenchable desire to play gatekeeper with information? Now that the mainstream media is becoming increasingly irrelevant, Google wants to fill the role of narrative-shaper-in-chief with its legion of “quality raters,” which is just as Orwellian as it sounds, and a new “Upsetting-Offensive” content flag for the snowflakes out there.

Google will soon employ upwards of 10,000 quality raters, or contractors who comb through search results to offer feedback on how adequately their Google searches are providing them with relevant information. If enough quality raters give a site a low rating, Google’s algorithms will eventually weed it out – under the guise that Google is improving its platform. Clever!

How does Google define quality? Raters will be expected to read up on a tract of guidelines weighing in at nearly 200 pages in order to ensure that their evaluations match up with Google’s values.

“Reputation research is required for all [page quality] rating tasks unless you have previously researched the website,” Google’s guidelines read in part. “Extremely negative, malicious, or financially fraudulent reputation information should result in a Lowest rating. Credible negative (though not malicious or financially fraudulent) reputation is a reason for a Low rating.”

Translation: if you’ve heard bad things about a website (any conservative outlet springs to mind), go ahead and give it a Low rating. Never mind if the content is factually accurate.

As for the “Upsetting-Offensive” content flag, Google will start slapping pages with the ominous label if they contain “content that promotes hate or violence against a group of people based on criteria including (but not limited to) race or ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or citizenship, disability, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status.”

Translation: a website refuses to use xe/xir pronouns, or expresses concerns about illegal immigration, or criticizes Islam? UPSETTING-OFFENSIVE!

Content slapped with the Upsetting-Offensive label will still be accessible to users who intentionally search for it, Google claims, but the company will begin training its algorithms to automatically spot such content and flag it in order to protect the delicate sensibilities of snowflake searchers.

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