Liberal Activist Jailed For Voter Fraud In Ohio

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President Donald Trump trounced Hillary Clinton in the state of Ohio by nearly 500,000 votes despite the best efforts of this liberal activist, who is now facing half a year in jail after she pleaded guilty to 13 counts of voter fraud. Try harder next time!

By day, 34-year-old Rebecca Hammond of East Liverpool worked as a paid canvasser for the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, a liberal activist group dedicated to spread a progressive vision for the state. By night, Hammond was forging signatures on voter registration forms to stuff the ballot box.

“The investigation found that [Hammond] falsely registered a number of Columbiana County residents, including some who were deceased, which is inexcusable,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine explained.

The county Board of Elections Director, Adam Booth, was double-checking information on voter registration applications when he noticed that a lot of it didn’t match up – and that several applications were using the names of dead people.

“The names matched up to the birthdays, which matched up, for the most part, to the driver’s license and then she was just forging their signatures,” he said.

Although Hammond was charged with 35 counts of falsely registering people to vote and forging signatures on voter registration forms back in 2015, she managed to walk away with a 180-day sentence last week as part of a plea deal. Each of those nearly three dozen counts carried a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

“I just can’t overlook this. You attempted to violate the integrity of our election process in the county,” Columbiana County Judge C. Ashley Pike said during her March 6 sentencing hearing. “You made a mockery of our system.”

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