Fat-Pride Feminists Massively Triggered By Statistics And Science

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Somewhere in between second- and third-wave feminism, fat women decided that the feminist agenda also had to include a provision about requiring men to find them attractive regardless of their eating habits or lack of physical activity. This ideology was on full display at a South by Southwest panel devoted to fat pride – one that was hilariously crashed by master troll Steven Crowder.

The panel, which featured three women whose plus-size stature apparently granted them some form of intellectual authority, peddled the usual fat-positive narrative. Expressing worry for a fat person’s health actually “concern trolling,” for example, and fat women should be allowed to wear bikinis without shame. That kind of stuff.

Things got interesting when Crowder got the chance to ask a question.

“With the fact that people who are overweight, like myself, or obese are three to seven times more likely to develop diabetes or cost $256 million more per year – isn’t that a concern of the taxpayer? Don’t they have a right to have an opinion, and just like smoking, encourage healthier body styles if the taxpayer is involved in this decision?” Crowder wondered.

The fat-pride feminists were not immediately triggered, but their mental gymnastics were still amusing. They somehow managed to blame corn subsidies and the water quality in Flint, Michigan, as the reason why people are fat, and suggested that tackling the obesity issue is somehow racist since minorities are more likely to be fat. Or something like that.

The triggering occurred when Crowder’s accomplice, Not Gay Jared, took the mic to point out a study that found that men are typically more attracted to taller, thinner women.

“It’s not surprising to me that the two white men have asked these questions,” a panelist mustered before the panel collectively told him to stop talking, with some SJW audience members chiming in as well.

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