This Model’s Hilarious Way Of Dealing With Negative Comments

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We’ve all heard about cyberbullying and how it has the potential to ruin people’s lives, but this Instagram model from Italy has come up with a clever way to wipe all those crappy comments away… literally.

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Chiara Nasti, a 19-year-old starlet with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, has amassed a legion of adoring fans thanks to her incredible body, sultry personality, and fabulous sense of style. But this brunette babe also has earned her fair share of jealous haters who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet in the hopes of tearing her down a peg.

In particular, a lot of commenters seem to take issue with the way that Chiara dresses, claiming that she is “vulgar” and “ignorant” based solely on her looks. Instead of changing her way, though, Chiara decided to compile the nastiest comments and have them printed on a roll of toilet paper.

That means that if you’re enough of a blockhead that you spend your days leaving mean comments on pretty girls’ Instagrams, you might have you work immortalized in two-ply – until, of course, Chiara’s next bathroom break.

Chiara Nasti: 1, Internet Trolls: 0.

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