Spicer: Clinton, Not Trump, Was The Campaign Colluder

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was not taking prisoners during Thursday morning’s press briefing, particularly when it came to the rote topic of Russia’s alleged election tampering.

When an unwitting journalist cited a CNN report that indicated that the president’s associates communicated with suspected Russian operatives and asked whether the Trump campaign colluded with Putin to damage rival Hillary Clinton, Spicer quickly fired back.

“So let’s look at what CNN reported,” Spicer said. “They reported that anonymous U.S. officials have told them that information indicates that associates of the campaign and suspected operatives coordinated, which they admit is not conclusive of anything which is bordering collusion.”

“The last line of it said, ‘The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion take place,’” he continued. “I think there’s more – probably more – evidence that CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign to give her debate questions than the Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion.”

Indeed, the CNN report admitted that “[t]he FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place” and noted that FBI Director James Comey recently testified to that fact.

The WikiLeaks dump of the DNC emails revealed that disgraced CNN commentator Donna Brazile forwarded several town hall debate questions to Clinton’s campaign during the Democratic primary, which was revealed to have been rigged against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

While such collusion was not technically illegal since the DNC is a private organization, the WikiLeaks revelations sowed dissent within the Democratic Party and possibly paved the way for disaffected blue voters to grant Trump the general election victory.

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