Student Group Preaches The Dangers Of “Internalized Racism”

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To the parents who sent their children to Loyola University Chicago: this is what you’re paying $50,000 for your kid to get exposed to. A student group called Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness (RAW) is asking students who “self-identify as white” to attend a couple dozen workshops to help them tackle the insidious issue of “internalized racism.”

The group – which is apparently exclusive to white students and can only be joined via a lengthy application process; oh, the irony – organized itself to allow students to “engage in dialogue about their own racial identity” and to “critically reflect on… their actions.”

“R.A.W. is an affinity group for White students who have a passion for ending racism, who have anger and confusion about institutional racism, who have guilt and hope about internalized racism, and who have questions about race that they are afraid to ask,” the group’s website helpfully explains.

For those who are not sure why they should become an “anti-racist white ally” by joining a group like RAW, the website links to an article that appears to help with the cognitive dissonance.

“Somehow, white people discussing race together can seem wrong or threatening,” the piece notes. “Because of this inherent fear, white people often wait to talk about race until we are in interracial dialogues.”

“This is problematic, however, as many white people are frequently hindered in such conversations by our inexperience discussing race, ignorance about the legacy of racial injustice in the US, and underdeveloped racial identities,” it continues.

Translation: white people must first convene in the absence of any racial minorities to properly condition themselves, unlearn everything they know about conversing with other human beings, and then adopt an SJW-sanctioned vocabulary and approach that is exclusively to be used when dealing with people of color.

What about treating everybody the same regardless of race? Is that not an option? Perhaps some of us don’t feel like we need to spend 100 hours self-flagellating before we interact with people with different skin colors.

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