USA Today Calls Hijab “Symbol Of Feminism” In Trump Era

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The mainstream media’s relentless quest to enshrine Islam as the most beautiful and tolerant religion never seems to end. Just look at USA Today, which recently published a piece claiming that the hijab – the headscarf worn by Muslim women to stave off sin – is “a symbol of resistance to Islamophobia amid policies from the Trump administration targeting Muslim immigrants.”

Yes, those are the actual words published by a “respected” news organization.

The article goes on to trot out the same tired argument that third-wave feminists have rolled out time and again to rebrand Islam as a progressive darling. Women choose to wear the hijab so it’s actually empowering to do so; wearing a hijab lets men know that a woman is more than just her body; women aren’t actually forced to wear the hijab, some just like it.

Baloney. The Qur’an and Sharia law very clearly state that women’s entire body should be covered except their face and hands. Any form of ornamentation is strictly prohibited, as is tight clothing that could potentially give away the shape of the woman’s body.

If a woman does not adhere to the Islamic dress code, some clerics in the Middle East have determined that she should be stoned to death. Otherwise, it is the fault of a promiscuously-dressed (i.e. non-hijab-wearing) woman if she is raped or sexually assaulted.

And yet USA today chose to run a story that cherry-picks opinions from naïve Muslim college students who have worn the hijab since puberty and came of age just as the Democrats decided that Islam would be their pet wedge issue.

In the word(s) of President Donald Trump: sad!

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