Sweden’s Downright Unsettling Brochure For LGBT Migrants

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The Swedes are at it again. A nonprofit organization called The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights (RFSL) is now disseminating a vomit-inducing brochure to its burgeoning migrant population, one that is targeted toward LGBT asylum seekers.

The disturbing pamphlet [NSFW warning] features a variety of crude drawings depicting numerous sex acts between individuals that appear to be straight, gay, trans, disabled, fat, old and young, and racially diverse – basically, an SJW orgy that was put into print and meant for distribution among illegal migrants.

Besides the gross-out drawings, the brochure also instructs refugees about things like the age of consent (which is 15 years old in Sweden), the price of STD testing, how to get hormone treatment if you’re trans, and details surrounding abortion access.

An excerpt: “It is legal to sell sex in Sweden, but illegal to pay for sex. Helping others to sell sex is also illegal, even by giving out contact information to a sexworker. A landlord can evict somebody form their home if they’re selling sex there.”

A glossary at the end of the pamphlet explains terms like “day after pill,” “consenting,” and “penetrative sex” to its migrant audience.

RFSL also offers the services of its two lawyers working with asylum issues and asks asylum seekers and illegal immigrants to join their organization for a discounted yearly rate.

“By joining RFSL you are not only supporting our political work for LGBTQ-peoples’ rights, you will also get access to all the activities at the local RFSL-group where you live,” the pamphlet notes. You’ll also presumably get access to more nightmarish drawings.

This is late-stage liberalism, folks.

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