University Of Missouri Enrollment Plummets After Safe Space Protest

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“Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?! I need some muscle over here! Help me get him out!” screeched Melissa Click, the former University of Missouri mass media professor who may have sealed the fate of her erstwhile employer with those very words.

Last week, Mizzou Residential Life Director Frankie Minor announced that three residence halls would be “taken offline” next year because of flagging freshman enrollment, student newspaper The Maneater reported.

No layoffs are anticipated – but that may just be due to clever payroll maneuvering by the university.

“Historically every year between now and August, various situations occur that result in position openings, e.g. normal attrition and voluntary staff choices, as well as unplanned academic or personal challenges,” Minor explained in an email. “If necessary, we will offer alternative employment opportunities at comparable compensation to the remaining staff.”

The news comes after a whopping four other residence halls were slated for closure as of last December, a move that was in turn a response to a freshman enrollment roughly 25 percent smaller than expected.

Although school administrators have blamed the closures on the dorms’ “higher-than-average utility costs,” the writing on the wall seems clear: nobody with a shred of sense wants to go to a school that is now famous for its rabid social justice warriors.

In November 2015, Click ignited controversy after she harassed a student journalist who was attempting to cover a protest that involved a media-free safe space. When the student entered the hugbox with his camera rolling, Click became incensed and physically assaulted the student before inciting other demonstrators to do the same.

Click was promptly terminated and has since landed at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where she works as a lecturer.

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