Model Sparks Controversy With Bizarre Instagram Video

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When Tillie Medland uploaded this video to Instagram, she was probably expecting her nearly 20,000 followers to simply laugh it off as an example of a curious toddler doing as little ones do. That was definitely not the case: Medland found herself fending off a firestorm of controversy after commenters called her “sick” for not stopping the grabby baby.

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“That’s disgusting that you didn’t stop him. If that was a little girl feeling up a guy it would be all over the news. You’re a pervert,” one person opined, while another wrote: “You need serious help to allow something like this to happen. I am so disturbed. This chick and the kid’s parents need to be locked up.”

Medland, who is based in Toronto, decided that it was time to fire back at the haters.

“There were plenty of people who had no sense of humor about it, who were taking it way too seriously and would say things like ‘this is horrible’ and that we’re teaching the kid to be some kind of sexual monster,” she said. “I was like, c’mon people he’s two years old.”

She pointed out that the toddler likely just wanted the attention after noticing that his antics were making everybody laugh.

Fortunately for Medland, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Her fledgling Instagram account has received over 10,000 followers since the video first went viral, and she has also earned the support of moms around the world who understand that toddlers lack basic social graces.

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