British Reality Star Reports Online Trolls To Police

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Be careful who you troll: a busty British reality star by the name of Chloe Khan has started reporting social media abusers to the police. She claims that she has been the victim of an intense amount of harassment ever since rumors surfaced that she was working as an escort in France, a tidbit that whipped internet trolls into a frenzy.

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Chloe is the first to admit that she works as a webcam model and is not afraid to bare it all for the camera. However, she claims that a viewer took screenshots of her feed and used them to create fake profiles on escort websites in order to tarnish her name.

In a recent Instagram post, Chloe dished the details: “As some of you already know I have a very severe stalking issue and this person has dedicated there [sic] clearly horrendous life to try and make me look terrible online,” she wrote.

“They spend what seems like 24/7 making fake profiles on Instagram and various websites,” Chloe continued. “They are now DM everyone on my page chatting shit so I’m just putting it out there so it’s out of my mind.”

Chloe first entered the spotlight with a peculiar audition on “The X Factor” and has since appeared in numerous reality shows, including “Celebrity Big Brother.” She has also found work as a Playboy model and started up her own webcam business that employs over 50 women.

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