Merkel Finally Admits That Refugees Can Be Terrorists

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticized both within her country and across Europe for her role in sparking the continent’s migrant crisis by championing an open-borders approach. While she has long hesitated to blame her policies for the uptick in terrorist attacks across Europe, Merkel has finally conceded that some of the so-called migrants she let in are actually terrorists.

During an interview with the Funke newspaper group, Merkel was pressed by journalists about the growing perception that the influx of refugees in Germany and its neighboring countries has made them feel less safe.

“There is no doubt that among the so many people who have sought shelter in our country were also person who have become the focus of the security authorities,” Merkel carefully replied, also making sure to note that “we should not forget that our country was already in the sights of Islamic terrorism before the many refugees came to us.”

Back in 2015, Merkel made headlines by announcing that Germany would not place a limit on how many refugees it takes in as reports surfaced that as many as 800,000 migrants would wind up in Germany in that year alone.

She cited a moral obligation as the reason behind her policy: “As a strong, economically healthy country we have the strength to do what is necessary and ensure every asylum seekers gets a fair hearing,” Merkel said at the time.

Now, as Germany continues to recover from a slew of terrorist attacks carried out by refugees — including December’s nightmarish truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market and an axe-and-knife attack that wounded four tourists last July – Merkel’s open-borders policy have come under increased scrutiny.

When asked if whether attacks like the ones that took place in Berlin, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and London are just something that people will have to accept as part of multiculturalism, Merkel insisted that Germany would “never come to terms” with such an approach to terrorism.

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