Berkeley Cops Once Again Stand By As Chaos Unfolds

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Mayhem erupted in the streets of Berkeley, California, on Saturday, when a pro-Trump free speech rally was met with a contingent of so-called “anti-fascists” intent on disrupting their demonstration. As more citizen reporting continues to emerge from the chaotic day, though, one fact remains clear: Berkeley’s police force did little to protect the embattled Trump supporters.

By the early afternoon, a throng of Trump supporters numbering in the hundreds had gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park for a “Patriots Day” rally that was meant to express support for the president and his America-first policies.

Things quickly turned south when a large group of counter protesters – many of whom can be seen wearing heavy black clothing and face masks and wielding impromptu weapons — began antagonizing rallygoers.

Police were quickly dispatched to the scene and tasked with setting up flimsy orange barriers, but it wasn’t long before Antifa members began throwing sticks, rocks, and even explosives at the free speech demonstrators.

Footage from the scene shows Trump supporters bandaging the heads of their fellow rallygoers who were violently attacked and pepper sprayed by Antifa agitators. It also shows frantic crowds attempting to retreat from M-80 firecrackers tossed over the barrier from the Antifa side to the pro-Trump side.

As protestors and counter protestors openly beat each other in the streets, police were content to simply watch, swooping in toward the end of the melee to arrest Trump supporters who acted in self-defense – including Kyle Chapman, better known as Based Stick Man.

Bleeding-heart liberal journalist Shane Bauer even noticed: “I tell a police officer I’ve been seeing people get beat up all day and they haven’t been around. ‘Okay, and?’ he says,” Bauer wrote on Twitter, attaching a video of his conversation.

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