New Poll: Brexit Support Hits Five-Month Peak

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The roiling controversy over the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union appears to be waning if a new survey by Orb International is any indication. Over half of respondents expressed support for Brexit, marking a high watermark for the populist movement that had not been reached for the last five months.

The poll also shows that disapproval ratings surrounding Brexit have sank to a relatively small 45 percent, a figure that seems to dispel the idea that Britons are now regretting their decision to leave the EU and that a second referendum would result in the UK staying.

“Since November, the British public are slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea of Brexit and, each month, more are approving of the way in which the government is dealing with negotiations,” Johnny Heald, managing director of Orb International, told The Telegraph.

Those who campaigned for the UK to stay in the EU were accused of fearmongering for their doom-and-gloom predictions that the economy would tank as a result. Those who wanted to leave faced their own accusations of xenophobia for not wanting to take part in the EU’s mass migration policies.

Now that the UK’s economy has remained steady after several post-referendum months, immigration has shifted to a secondary issue to trade deals for the majority of voters.

“However, as these talks develop, it’s interesting that the public is increasingly concerned more about free trade agreements than immigration, marking a reversal of the preference aired during the campaign,” Heald said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has largely remained on the fence when it comes to mass migration in the EU. While she has vowed to curb the number of immigrants in the UK to beneath 100,000, she has also expressed support for a continuation of free movement between EU member nations for a stretch of time referred to as the “implementation” period.

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