Quran In University Toilet Sparks Major Investigation

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Police in Dallas are on high alert after a pair of students at the University of Texas-Dallas found two copies of the Quran inside of a toilet bowl in a men’s bathroom. School administrators are now scrambling to reassure the community that theirs is a tolerant and diverse campus which would never allow such incidents to occur.

According to student newspaper The Mercury, the Muslim holy books were discovered late last month by students who immediately contacted campus law enforcement. UT-Dallas Police Chief Larry Zacharias opened an investigation into the matter but has yet to uncover any leads.

In order to figure out who is the culprit behind the microaggression, Zacharias has ordered his staff to review video footage of the restrooms in order to narrow down the timeframe in which it could have occurred.

“It’s not something we want to blast out on campus because we don’t want people to go, ‘Oh, you’re a suspect in the Quran thing,” Zacharias said. That would presumably trigger a lot of snowflakes and disrupt the safe space environment.

Zacharias also noted that he has frequently surveyed Muslim students on campus – particularly Muslim females – to determine whether they feel “safe.” They have consistently answered in the affirmative, leading authorities to believe that the Quran-in-the-toilet kerfuffle is a “one-time, stupid incident.”

Mohammad Syed, the president of the UT-Dallas Muslim Students Association, issued a statement condemning the act.

“Given the current political climate and how Muslims are portrayed in the media, it makes certain individuals act in this hateful way,” he said, noting that the community has been largely supportive.

No word has surfaced as to the punishment that the Quran flusher will face, if any. Back in 2008, a former Pace University student was forced to complete 300 hours of community service after he pleaded guilty to throwing copies of the Quran in the toilet.

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