Bill Nye The Social Justice Guy Disturbs With Bizarre Music Video

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If you haven’t heard anything about “Bill Nye Saves The World” or Rachel Bloom, it’s not too late to turn back. You’ve been warned.

Bill Nye, the erstwhile “science guy” who rose to popularity as a TV children’s performer back in the 1990s, has cast off the shackles of the shackles of scientific integrity and family friendliness in his new Netflix series ironically titled “Bill Nye Saves The World.”

Flexing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (and nothing more), Nye postures himself as the be-all authority on contentious matters like climate change, the anti-vaccination movement, artificial intelligence, and other topics, all while inflecting his newfound love for social justice activism into everything he touches.

His decidedly unscientific approach was on full display when Nye and his delusional team of writers came up with a demonic ditty called “My Sex Junk.” Performed by Rachel Bloom – whose claim of being a comedian is about as dubious as Nye’s science credentials – the song is a crass, sexually-charged embarrassment that desperately tries to make the case for widespread bisexuality.

“Sexuality’s a spectrum, everyone is on it. Even then you might like it if you sit up on it,” Bloom signs as she stomps around in an unflattering leotard. “Drag king, drag queen, just do what feels right.”

The song goes on to borrow explicit sexual terms from the LGBT community before encouraging listeners to perform sex acts on strangers. At one point, a man wanders on stage and takes his pants off for some reason, while Nye can be seen “dancing” with the DJ.

Then, to top it all off, Nye comes out on stage to congratulate Bloom. “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel! Nice job!”

Commenters were less impressed than Nye, to say the least.

“I’m sorry Religious Right. You were right about the slippery slope. You can tell me I’m going to Hell all you want, and I’ll just sit and take it. Just please come back and get rid of this,” one person quipped. “My Sex Junk” currently sits at about 21,400 dislikes on YouTube compared to just 350 likes.

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