Horror As Migrants Attack Italian Reporter On Live TV

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An Italian television reporter and her cameraman were on the scene documenting the plight of African migrants who are forced to sleep on the streets when things a group of them suddenly attacked – and their entire ordeal was transmitted on live TV.

According to local reports, journalist Francisca Parisella had travelled to Rome’s central train terminal to show firsthand the large number of migrants sleeping outside the station, noting that the deluge of asylum-seekers has forced many of them to create makeshift residences out of cardboard and other discarded items.

Parisella then explained that the migrants go elsewhere during daylight hours and return to the train station to sleep, adding that “their hope especially is to reach Milan and other cities in the north, and then they move to northern Europe.”

Moments later, Parisella indicates that she and her cameraman are about to leave the premises as to not “disturb them further” when the camera abruptly turns. Parisella can be heard telling the program’s host, “We’ve been assaulted,” as she and the cameraman begin running down the street.

The reporter manages to maintain her composure for a short period of time until the assailant catches to her and grabs her by the jacket.

“What do you want? You’re crazy!” she says before letting out a loud and panicked scream, with the in-studio host frantically telling her to leave the scene. Parisella can be heard panting and out of breath while the assailant appears to run off.

Later during the program, the host explained: “Francesca is upset but well. [Assailants] destroyed the camera and beat up the cameraman. A situation like our show this evening should resemble reports from a war zone. Thanks to a taxi driver, a much worse outcome was avoided.”

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