Trump Talks Economic Progress During Weekly Address

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President Donald Trump used Friday’s weekly address to tout the progress that the economy has made during his time in office, pointing to rising confidence in the American economy and a ten-year low in the unemployment rate as beacons as key indicators of his successful approach to governing.

He also reached out to millennials who are currently finishing up their education and moving into the real world by reassuring them that they are entering a more robust workforce than the one created under the previous administration.

“Our economic progress is especially good news for the millions of young Americans who, at this time of year, are putting on a cap and gown and receiving a diploma, certificate, or commission,” Trump said. “So important, and we are proud of them.”

Trump offered a glimpse at his busy schedule in the upcoming week, noting that he would be offering the commencement speech at Liberty University and would have also spoken at West Point were it not for the G7 summit coinciding with the graduation ceremony. He also announced that he would travel to the United States Coast Guard Academy to speak to the newly-minted cadets.

“To young Americans at both schools, I will be bringing a message of hope and optimism about our nation’s bright future. That is a message that I want to extend to all young Americans today, especially those who are graduating this year and entering the labor force.”

Trump’s commencement speech at Liberty University has been praised as a strong moment for the president, who used the opportunity to double down on his swamp-clearing approach to doing business in Washington while also striking a spiritual chord.

“America has always been a land of dreams because America is a nation of true believers” he told the crowd. “Because in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

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