Native Prof Lambasts Student Over Blackhawks Jersey

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A Minnesota college student apparently didn’t get the memo that cultural appropriation is totally the newest sin that social justice warriors are up in arms about when he wore a Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt to class – a move that his Native American professor found unacceptable.

The kerfuffle went down at Bethel University, when student Cody Albrecht donned the offending piece of sporting memorabilia to his “Social Perspectives, Human Worth and Social Actions” course, which had just finished showing a documentary called “Dakota 38” about Native American who were hanged in a grisly mass execution.

When Albrecht realized that his sweatshirt was causing his professor to feel the pain of a microaggression, he offered to turn in the shirt inside out to appease his grade-giver. But that simply wasn’t enough.

“So your college professor is a Native American. A Native American who has spoken multiple times about the offensiveness of Indian Mascots. Yet you come to class with an Indian mascot sprawled across your shirt… Bold move sir,” professor James Jacobs moaned in a now-deleted Facebook post.

In a follow-up post, Jacobs characterized the incident as a “learning opportunity” because he was able to reeducate Albrecth about “why those images are offensive and hurtful.”

“Since that time the student has made a public apology in class and expressed what they learned from this process,” the professor noted. “When the student made the apology other students, not in the class, were now aware of the students [sic] identity,” the professor wrote.

Essentially, Jacobs’ triggering at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks jersey has caused Bethel University’s SJW population to lash out against Albrecht, and now the educator is trying to curb his erstwhile attack dogs since he believes the student has been properly cleared of wrongthink.

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