Did Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj Diss Taylor Swift with “Swish Swish”?

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There was once a time when Taylor Swift seemed so innocent and sweet to everyone. She was a newcomer, crossing over into pop from being a teen country phenom and it felt like the power players tried to welcome her with opened arms.

Now, the new diss track “Swish, Swish” by Katy Perry (feat. Nicki Minaj) is a reminder of how times have changed.

Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift

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Somewhere along the way, things went pretty wrong. She started releasing a bunch of songs blasting guys she had dated (and it was pretty easy to figure out which tracks were about John Mayer… or Taylor Lautner… or Jake Gyllenhaal, etc…) and people rolled their eyes (while buying the music – some of that crap was catchy as hell).

She also started chronicling her feuds with female artists, though, and that’s when she hit the skids. Sure, “Bad Blood” is a pretty high-quality music video and she definitely proves that she knows a lot of people but many suggest that it was meant to take aim at Katy Perry and folks didn’t really like the cattiness too much. They may have already been annoyed by how much she was already playing the victim in her failed romances but I digress…

While we love gossip, there’s just something about celebs airing dirty laundry about other celebs that doesn’t sit right with people. It’s okay once in a while, it can be delightfully juicy, but when you rely on it as your sole source of inspiration, it just feels cheap.

After Taylor Swift engaged in a Twitter spat with Nicki Minaj and seemed to be proven a liar in her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, she kind of went into hiding.

Over the past few days, though, hints about new music and the fact that she’s been low-key dating British actor, Joe Alwyn, have brought her name back to the headlines. There’s zero doubt, therefore, that Perry’s new single, “Swish, Swish” will make the chatter even louder.

The lyrics are as interesting as the fact that Perry teamed up with fellow Swift-hater, Minaj:

Your game is tired,
You should retire
You’re ’bout cute as
An old coupon expired
And karma’s not a liar
She keeps receipts

Here’s the chorus:
Swish, swish, bish
Another one in the basket
Can’t touch this
Another one in the casket


Will Swift respond? Of course. When has she ever been able to resist chiming in? Get that popcorn ready!

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