Dershowitz Utterly Destroys Comey, Trump-Russia Narrative

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It only took two days for Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz – who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – to destroy the prevailing Democratic talking points surrounding ousted FBI Director James Comey and the hysteria over alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

On Friday, Dershowitz appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he opined that the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory would help, not hurt, President Donald Trump.

“I just don’t see a crime here,” he said, noting that even if the Democrats were right about Trump and Russia, it would only amount to “political wrongdoing” and certainly not an impeachable offense.

“Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated,” Dershowitz added, “and a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime.”

Mueller’s appointment will only benefit Trump because he – unlike so many others within the government – will not leak any information about the investigation because there will be no criminal activity to leak, Dershowitz opined.

As for Comey, Dershowitz did not pull any punches: during a Saturday appearance of “Fox & Friends,” he characterized for the former FBI director as someone who is “all about preserving his reputation” and is “using his friends to get his point out. It’s cowardly.”

While he noted that he has always liked Comey personally, Dershowitz blasted his behavior since the Clinton email scandal broke.

“He was a great director of the FBI, but when the whole Hillary Clinton thing began, he cared more about his reputation and his dignity than about what was good for America,” he said.

Dershowitz went on to speculate that Comey might have been involved with the leak of the supposed memo that he was quoted in and asked why Comey has relied on his friends in the media to get his message out to the public.

As for why Comey went public with the re-opening of the Clinton email probe, Dershowitz believes that Comey thought Clinton was going to win and wanted to preempt criticism by Trump supporters who may have felt he acted unfairly.

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