Sweden: 90% Percent Of Shootings Are Committed By Foreign Men

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A new study out of Sweden has revealed that a whopping 90 percent of residents committing murders or attempted murders with firearms have at least one foreign-born parent, the vast majority of whom came from the Middle East and North Africa.

The findings, which were discovered and published by liberal daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, combed through 100 cases involving 53 convicted and 47 suspected perpetrators who were accused of carrying out shootings in public places since 2013. Half of those men were born in Sweden while the rest migrated to the country at a young age.

“The fact is that street gangs and violence are phenomena that occur in some areas, and most of the people who live in these areas are of foreign descend,” Amir Rostani, a sociologist at Stockholm University, told the publication.

As for its findings that 80 percent of the men hail from the Middle East and North Africa and emigrated from countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and Eritrea, Rostani claimed: “This is well in line with a study I previously conducted on members of criminal networks.”

While Sweden’s crime prevention authorities have compiled numerous reports on gun violence, the newspaper noted, none of these have sought any correlation between violent crime and the perpetrators’ country of origin.

In response to the study, Crime Prevention Council Director General Erik Wennerström said that his office would consider examining ethnic backgrounds in future reports.

“We already knew that the new arrivals are generally overrepresented in crime, but we don’t know how long it will take before these trends start to slow down,” he said. “We try to keep an eye out for patterns we can study so as to gain new insight into crime. This could be the one – this could well be one such pattern.”

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