Clinton Endorses #TheResistance, Postures For Future Run

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The people of America have made it very clear time and again: nobody wants Chelsea Clinton to run for public office, or any Clinton for that matter. But the former first daughter seems poised to do so anyway, offering up an interview on Tuesday in which the younger Clinton suggested that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps by fighting back against Trump.

During an appearance on NBC News – the same network that coughed up a $600,000 per year salary for an inexperienced Clinton to work as a “special correspondent” – the former first daughter shilled her latest book and talked #TheResistance.

“Well, last year when I was campaigning for my mom – I think really up until my due date with Aidan and then being on the stage at the convention so proud to support her there just a few weeks after he was born – I did so many events for my mom,” Clinton told co-host Savannah Guthrie.

“And I had a chance to share my thoughts publicly in those forums,” she continued. “I did lots of interviews. And now I continue to share my views after the inauguration.”

Clinton has emerged as one of many social media personalities who have built their brand around their snarky brand of opposition to the president. Her strategy has proven controversial: a recent poll found that only 27 percent of voters would like to see Clinton run for office, while 48 percent begged her to stay far away from politics.

However, Clinton appears to be angling toward some sort of public gig, whether it’s New York congresswoman or Twitter provocateur.

“I don’t think what I say today is any different than what I would say had I been asked similar questions or similar issues kind of on the stage,” she said. “But certainly, I think we all have a responsibility to not stay silent now. I think we all have to speak up and use whatever platforms we have now and certainly, social media is a part of that.

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