Naked Man Caught Trying To Break Into A Maryland Home

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A Maryland homeowner is perplexed and slightly traumatized after waking up in the middle of the night to discover a naked man prowling around his property before trying to break into his home. The heist was thwarted when the man set off a motion sensor light and sprinted away in fear.

According to the Montgomery County Police, the incident took place on May 17 when a father of two, who was asleep at home next to his wife, was awakened from his slumber by a cellphone alert sent via his outdoor security system.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he told The Daily Courier. “I thought I was maybe having a bad dream, but there was a naked man wandering through my yard.”

The homeowner had spotted the stark-naked culprit on a feed from a security camera on the front of his house and began tracking his movements after alerting the police. At one point, the birthday suit bandit even tries to break into the house through a glass door but is unsuccessful. He can be seen peering in to the living room before wandering around the side of the house.

While the homeowner was vexed that the naked man had no fears about traipsing through his property naked, he was even more alarmed about the possibility that he would seek to gain entry into his children’s bedrooms.

“We don’t know what his intention was,” the homeowner said. “Whether he was some kind of sexual predator, or whether he was a burglar. Most burglars that I’ve heard of don’t show up naked.”

The frazzled homeowner was able to come up with a silver lining to the bizarre dark cloud, though: “We know he wasn’t armed.” Now police are hoping that a member of the public recognizes the man and helps authorities track him down.

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