Passengers Claim Pilot Traumatized Them With Weird Request

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A group of disgruntled EasyJet passengers are claiming that the airline cursed them with a mortal fear of flying after a pilot on a flight from Spain to the UK asked them to vote on whether he should try to fly an airplane with a faulty engine.

According to firsthand accounts, the Malaga-Bristol flight had already been delayed for upwards of 36 hours when the bizarre request came through. The pilot allegedly asked the passengers, roughly 150 people in total, to raise their hand if they thought he should take the risk, which he described as a 50/50 chance that he would be able to get both engines working.

While a dozen intrepid travelers raised their hands and threw caution to the wind, others reportedly began having panic attacks and begged the flight crew to let them off the plane.

“The pilot himself said he’d never heard or done anything like this in 37 years of flying,” said one man who confessed that he became nauseous when the pilot called the vote. “He gave us the option, asked us what he should do. He asked for a show of hands. There were some who just wanted to try it, they wanted to get home.”

“But most didn’t,” the rattled passenger continued. “There were girls hyperventilating, lots of people were panicking. There were elderly people on there, and lots of children. The worst thing was we had to wait another hour or two before they would actually let us off the plane.”

EasyJet has summarily denied that the spooky vote ever took place, claiming that it was all a misunderstanding.

“The pilot attempted to use one engine to start the other engine as is normal procedure,” a spokesperson for the airline explained. “Because he was aware that the passengers had already been considerably delayed due to a technical problem the pilot asked the passengers if they would like to get off or remain on board whilst the engine startup sequence continued.”

“At no point did the pilot ask passengers to take a vote on flying the aircraft,” the spokesperson declared. “Nor would we ever attempt to fly the aircraft without both engines working correctly.”

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