Student Kicked Out Of Mall For Wearing Tank Top, Jean Shorts

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A college student from Michigan took to social media to air her grievances after she was kicked out of a local mall for wearing an outfit that was deemed too revealing. What was the outfit? A “Finding Nemo” tank top and jean shorts – the kind of summer get-up that would not make a normal person bat an eyelash.

20-year-old Hannah Pewee, who studies at Grand Valley State University, decided to take advantage of her vacation by heading to the Woodland Mall in the Grand Rapids area, where she hails from. Outside temperatures were pushing into the 90s, so she decided to wear a breezy outfit to get some escape from the heat.

Her visit was cut short, however, when an anonymous person complained to a mall cop that she was dressed too revealingly, even though her outfit was modest by seasonal standards.

“Apparently, how I was dressed (see photo below) was too slutty for the public,” Pewee wrote on Facebook, where she shared a picture of the offending outfit. Her post quickly went viral, but it was a small comfort to the bewildered college student.

Once word of the mall’s bizarre dress code began to spread, a spokesperson decided to set the record straight in their own social media post.

“Yesterday we reached out to the shopper to personally apologize and come to a resolution. We also addressed hundreds of comments across Social Media, but we’d still like to make a public apology for unintentionally embarrassing a shopper who was asked to leave our Mall,” the post read.

“We can assure you that the enforcement of our dress code was solely motivated by complaints from other shoppers of inadequate clothing coverage not reflected in the photo posted online. We dropped the ball by enforcing a dress code that didn’t take into consideration current summer trend,” it continued.

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