Teenage Girl Drops Dead After Eating A Kebab

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A young British girl who suffered from a severe dairy allergy died just hours after accidentally eating a kebab containing yogurt. Although Good Samaritans tried to save her life by administering an EpiPen, it was too late.

15-year-old Chloe Gilbert ordered the Mediterranean sandwich from a kebab shop in Bath on March 5th. She and her friend decided to stop for lunch and Gilbert ordered a kebab with only lettuce, chips, and barbecue sauce.


Horsemeat Traces Found In First Doener Kebabs

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Almost immediately after biting into the dairy-laced kebab, Gilbert began to feel sick and tried to make herself vomit when she realized she had ingested dairy. When she did not succeed in purging the allergen from her system, Gilbert went into anaphylactic shock and her condition deteriorated rapidly.

A passerby who noticed Gilbert’s plight swiftly administered an EpiPen to the young girl in the hopes of curing the allergic reaction, and moments later, police and paramedics arrived on the scene. She was taken to the Bath’s Royal United Hospital, where she was pronounced dead just hours after eating the kebab.

According to Dr. Peter Harrowing, the coroner who examined Gilbert post-mortem, she had suffered a dramatic anaphylactic reaction. He ruled her death accidental.

“This is a very tragic case with someone so young who had such a severe allergy,” he said. “This was an accidental exposure to dairy products to which Chloe was severely and seriously allergic and therefore her death is accidental.”

Gilbert’s family graciously thanked the Good Samaritans and emergency responders who tried to save their daughter’s life. Her school also released a statement remembering the young girl as “beautiful inside and out.”

“Chloe was also creative, she drew fantastic pictures, as if the color and warmth she had inside needed to radiate outwards,” the touching statement read. “There has not been a single person, teacher or student that has not had anything but the most positive of things to say about this young woman.”

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