Tennessee Civilian Got Dangerous Convicts To Surrender

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A Tennessee man managed to get the pair of escaped Georgia convicts who were accused of killing two prison guards to surrender – but he was simply trying to escape his home before the dangerous thugs could harm him or his family.

35-year-old Patrick Hale received word that the cop killers – Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose – were spotted in his neighborhood. That’s when he sprang into action to make sure he did not become another victim of the violent duo.

“At 6:46 I loaded every weapon I could in my house to be prepared in the event that they needed use,” he said during a press conference at the Rutherford Sheriff’s Office, where he was joined by his wife and daughter.

“At 6:47 pm, I prayed like I have never prayed before,” he recalled, noting that the men had just passed through a barbed-wire fence near his own backyard.

Hale and his family had been holed up in his home’s panic room, but when he realized that the men could enter the house any second, he decided to flee. He called 911 to alert authorities about the convicts’ location, grabbed his wife and daughter, and dashed to their car.

Before they could pull out of the driveway, though, Hale realized that the men had noticed him and were trying to get his attention.

“They began to take off their shirts and start waving at us as if to slow us down,” he said, and when he continued to back out of the driveway, “for some reason they started to surrender and laid down on my concrete driveway.

Within minutes, nearly four dozen police officers swarmed the home and arrested the two men, who stand accused of fatally shooting Sgts. Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue during their Tuesday escape from Baldwin Prison.

Now, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is working to determine whether Hale and his family should receive the $130,000 reward that was offered for help in tracking down the suspect, noting that “the bravery of the Tennessee civilians contributed to the apprehension of both inmates.”

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