Finsbury Park Mosque Attacker Identified As Darren Osborne

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The man who plowed a van into a group of unsuspecting worshipers outside of a Finsbury Park mosque in North London has been identified as 47-year-old father of four Darren Osborne. The brazen attack left one person dead and upwards of ten wounded.

Osborne, who hails from Cardiff, was allegedly identified by a former classmate that had attended the Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College alongside the attacker.

“I’ve known him for 35 years, I grew up with him. It’s 100% him. He lives in Wales, he has four kids and his partner,” the school friend told the Daily Mail.

Sure enough, police on Monday raided a Cardiff residence that is now believed to belong to Osborne. His neighbors have expressed shock that the ordinary man could have committed such a gruesome act of violence.

“It’s a terrible shock,” said neighbor Pauline Tibbs. “I’ve seen him walking in the street but never spoken to him. He seemed normal enough. He has lived here a couple years and kept himself to himself.”

Deploying a similar tactic to the handful of Islamist radicals who have carried out attacks in western Europe in recent years, Osborne allegedly rented a van from a company situated about 15 miles from his home. He then used that van to inflict maximum damage on the worshipers at the mosque, waiting until they began exiting in droves before plowing into them.

Osborne was arrested on terrorism and attempted murder charges on Monday morning, with witnesses claiming that Osborne screamed in the aftermath of the attack: “I’m going to kill all Muslims! I did my bit!”

According to Labour MP Jo Stevens, who represents Osborne’s constituency, people should funnel any information they have on Osborne to the police and refrain from incendiary social media posts.

“I am also appealing to everyone who uses social media, to please be aware that prejudicial tweets about the alleged attacker may constitute contempt of court, and could even lead to any prosecution or trial having to be abandoned,” she warned.

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