Gunman Kidnaps Family, Forces Them To Buy Him Clothes At Target

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There are plenty of people out there who love to shop, but this guy took things a little too far. A North Carolina man is behind bars after he allegedly kidnapped a family and forced them to take him for a shopping trip at none other than Target.

Target Man

Rollin Anthony Owens Jr. (Durham County Jail)

Police claim that 29-year-old Rollin Anthony Owens Jr. showed up to an unsuspecting Durham family’s home early Tuesday morning and asked them for money, WTVD-TV reported. One of the residents acquiesced and gave the man some change, but that display of gratitude was not enough: Owens brandished a gun and forced everyone out of the house.

The homeowners – an adult man and woman and their two young children – were forced into the family’s vehicle and ordered to drive to the nearest ATM to withdraw money. Owens then forced his unwilling chauffer to take him to a convenience store before finally heading toward a Target on Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard.

Once inside the store, Owens loaded up a shopping cart with several bags’ worth of clothing and gift cards, which he menaced the family into buying for him. One of the family members managed to stealthily alert an employee to their unique hostage situation, prompting the worker to call the police.

Fortunately for the abducted family, Durham police officers already happened to be in the parking lot when they received the call. They simply waltzed into the store and arrested Owens without incident.

In all, the family’s ordeal lasted for about an hour and a half. Now, Owens faces a slew of charges, including multiple counts of second-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Police quickly connected Owens to a series of similar incidents that took place over the last few days, all of which saw the crook ask people for money and then either abduct them or threaten them with a gun if they refused.

Owens will remain locked up at the Durham County Jail on a $1 million bond.

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